Mommy & Me Gingerbread Class

When we had our ice cream/bakery in Newberry, (Eat Dessert First)  I had lots of room and had a gingerbread decorating party-class...  complete with all the candies.  I had prebaked and sugar glued the houses together and then with hands on instruction the guest began gathering all their sweet goodies and began to decorate.   Oh... what fun we had... 

Plan one at your home next year.

What a wonderful time we all had together and the Gingerbread Houses were just as wonderful.

Making new friends and sharing ideals.
I think the mom's enjoy the coffee and not having to worry about setting up or cleaning up. 

And the kids could not wait to get started and not only enjoyed thier ice cream at the end of class but lots of  candy tasting while creating thier
"sweet" masterpiece

Mommies and their sons & daughters from the age of 4 to 24.. 

Look at the great results.
Big Sister jump in when mom had to help
little sister in a school project
Grandma was ready to take over when mom
was called into work